Journal of the Pakistan Prosthodontics Association (JPPA)

ISSN 2308-8613


Volume 01: Issue 01 (2013)


Title Page, Table of Contents [Download: 719KB]


President's message [Download: 2.60MB]


Editorial [Download: 2.60MB]


Some aspects of dental occlusion and its importance in Dentistry - Gunner E Carlsson [Download: 11.7MB]


The Effect of Mouth Remaining Open or Close on the Depth of Mandibular Alveolo-Buccal Vestibule During Impression Recording - Fazal Ghani, Masahiko Kikuchi, Makoto. Watanabe [Download: 8.72MB]


Poly-Disciplinary Class1 Biomorphaesthetics Occlusal Reconstruction: An Abbreviated Case Report - Harold M. Shavell [Download: 4.13MB]


Frequency and Severity of Risk Factors for Temporomandibular Disorders in Young Adults - Nuzhat Ayub, Fazl Ghani [Download: 11.5MB]


Comparison of Psychomotor Performance in Subjects with Congenital Tooth Agenesis to Those with Normal Dentition - Bilal Ahmed, Nazia Yazdanie [Download: 8.0MB]


Review of Book Entitled: Prosthetic Rehabilitation Part II: Technical Procedures - Fazl Ghani [Download: 5.38MB]


Report of the First International Conference of the Pakistan Prosthodontics Association (PPA) - Fazl Ghani [Download: 13.3MB]


Information for Authors [Download: 3.81MB]

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