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Pakistan Prosthodontics Association (PPA) was established in meeting held at CPSP, Karachi October 2011 with the aim to promote specialty of Prosthodontics which not only improve oral heath of our patients but also improve knowledge of Prosthodontists of Pakistan as well. Executive Council was formulated in that meeting and following office bearers were selected:



President: Dr. Fazal Ghani

Vice President: Dr. Nazia Yazdani

Secretary cum Treasurer:  Col. Dr Azad Ali Azad


It was also decided that, Executive Council will select the office bearers every year for initial three years. After that elections will be held regularly every year to select office bearers.

Then in March 2012 another meeting was held at Expo Centre, Karachi in which it was decided to arrange international Prosthodontics Conference every year in different parts of country. Then announcement for 1st International Prosthodontics Conference was made in this meeting, 1st International Prosthodontics Conference was held at UHS, Lahore from 12-15 October 2012.

The responsibilities of the President PPA were transferred to Prof Dr. Fazl Ghani for the year 2013. During his tenure PPA took an important leap by launching the international journal by the name of JPPA. The first edition is out and the next one is due in a few months. 

The 2nd international conference of the PPA was successfully held at Islamia University Peshawar from 27-29 September 2013. The conference featured speakers from all over the country in addition to international speakers from European Prosthodontics Association.






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