In Pakistan, till 1990, the situation relating to the number of specialist dentists was not very pleasing. There were few teachers of Prosthodontics with postgraduate

qualifications. These Included Major Gen.  Dr Atta –ur Rehman, Professor B A Yazdanie, , Major Gen.  Dr Noor Hussain , Professor Tariq Zaman Ahmad  and Professor Waheed Sheikh. Subsequently in the 1990s, a few others including Dr. Nazia Yazdanie, Dr. Fazal Ghani, Dr. Mohsin Ali, Dr. Asif Ali Shah, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad and Dr. Azfar Siddiqui also joined this group.


In the beginning two post graduates programes i.e MDS and Diploma in Prosthodontics were offered at de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore

Then College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSP) started FCPS training in Prosthodontics.

Initially In the specialty of Prosthodontics, only three teachers could qualify as supervisors. These included Dr Fazal Ghani, Dr. Nazia Yazdanie.

and Dr. Tariq Zaman Ahmad. Initially two centers were approved for FCPS Training in Prosthodontics were de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar. Later on AFID, Rawalpindi, DIKIOHS, Karachi, LUMHS, Jamshoro and SBDC Peshwar were also added in this list.

In the year 2001 Dr. Azad Ali Azad and Dr. Sajid Naeem passed their FCPS-II examinations in Prosthodontics and became the first Fellow of Prosthodontics in Pakistan.

MCPS programe was also started simultaneously by CPSP in Prosthodontics as well. As training duration of FCPS in Prosthodontics is of 04 years, so IMM in Prosthodontics was also introduced by CPSP.


Later on MSc in Parosthodontics was started at Liaquat University of Medical &
Health Sciences, Janshoro while some of the Prosthodontist obtained MSc in Prosthodontics from UK as well and served in various dental collages of Pakistan.

 At present approximately 70 dentists obtained postgraduation in Prosthodontist in Pakistan.

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Prepared By: Kashif Tariq
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